Cam will likely never please you.

A loss is never fun.

A game.

A person.

Your favorite pet.

There is no way to spin it. It’s just not fun.

A loss on football’s biggest stage?

Equally heartbreaking.

At least, I guess it is. You see, I’ve never played football. For various reasons I suppose, the biggest being my size… of course. Nonetheless, I honestly don’t know how it feels to lose the Super Bowl and more than likely, I never will. I do, however, know how it feels to lose.

As athletes, we lose games. As fans, we lose even more games. As humans, we lose people close to us. In life, we lose, all the time.

It’s never easy. It’s never fun but we handle it, in our own way, of course. Whether that is bursting into tears or smiling through the pain. We eventually deal with it.

As Cam Newton will soon do.

If you’re reading this you either hate Cam or you love him. I’m not sure there is an in between. By now, most of you have seen this too.

So, Cam was pissed, upset, disappointed… more than likely all of the above.

You’re telling me, somehow, he’s wrong for this?

What exactly would you have liked to have seen him do?

I imagine many of you will say, “well Peyton Manning and Tom Brady would have never acted like this.” You very well may be right.

But Cam Newton isn’t Tom Brady and he isn’t Peyton Manning.

He’s Cam. The guy who wears his emotions on his sleeve. All of them. Always has.

He’s always hated losing. He’s always sulked after a loss. It’s really nothing new.

Maybe that’s just Cam Newton. Like it or love it. It seems like Cam was Cam.

We should respect that.

Granted, probably not the best way to handle the situation, I agree, but maybe that’s just him.

We’ve come to terms with Greg Popovich and Bill Belicheck’s media antics. What’s so different about Cam?

His actions should speak to his love of the game. When you work for something with all you have and it doesn’t pan out, it hurts. It sucks.

Life comes at you sometimes when you least expect it and unlike Cam, we don’t have to answer a million questions about why it happened and what went wrong. We just get to…. deal with it.

Yes, Cam is a professional football player and yes, press conferences are part of his job but he’s also a human and humans have emotions. Sometimes those emotions are too big to suppress.

Cam didn’t come into the press conference and yell obscenities. He was simply pissed and nobody should have expected anything less.

If he dabs too much for you, he’s probably going to sulk to much for your eyes too.

He will learn from his actions. He will learn to handle Super Bowl losses, like Peyton and Tom both have.

Many will dog Cam for this small moment in his career. They’ll say he’s a bad role model, that he has no class, that he’s childish. Those same people are likely the ones who love that kids get participation trophies. They’ll say he’s not a great leader but a poor leader doesn’t take his team to the Super Bowl.

What Cam did Sunday night, shouldn’t take away from what he’s already done.

In the scheme of things, this moment won’t matter much in Cam’s career. At least, it shouldn’t.

He’s not the first player to walk out of a press conference and he won’t be the last.

He’ll play in another Super Bowl, probably more.

His story is so much bigger than this one moment. He’s a role model for second chances. He was given one and hasn’t looked back.

He’s no longer the Florida player who stole a laptop.

He’s the 26-year-old NFL MVP, who needs to work on handling his emotions…

As most of us need to do when things don’t go our way.




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