11 Signs The Arrival Of College Football Is Long Overdue

Today is the day – the day we’ve all been waiting for since January. The start of a 4 month period where we put our weekly mood in the hands of a bunch of 18 year olds. Honestly, how have we made it this far? If you’ve experienced any of these (or all) you’re probably counting down the seconds until South Carolina and North Carolina kick-off tonight. Happy Football-ing, y’all!

  1. You’ve been counting down the days until your team kicks off since day 100
  2. You’ve shared at least 8 hype videos on Facebook in the last two weeks
  3. You’ve had your game day attire set aside for weeks
  4. Your tailgate menu is set and evenly distributed amongst your friend group
  5. You have read one too many “expert opinions” on who is going to be in this year’s College Football Playoff
  6. You have disagreed with every “expert opinion” that didn’t include your team in their final four teams
  7. Your cover picture on Facebook/Twitter is game day related
  8. You hate to admit it but you kind of miss hearing Verne and Gary’s voice on Saturdays
  9. You’re already smack talking other teams – even though nobody has played a snap and you might eat your words later in the season
  10. You sat on Twitter patiently waiting for your team’s depth chart to drop – even though you knew all your questions would be answered with backslashes
  11. You have sat at work/in class daydreaming about today since Monday morning

Less than 24 hours until the start of our favorite season. So here’s to the next 12 or so Saturdays – may they be filled with big screens, crisp air, lots of alcohol and – if this year is anything like the last – many prayers for our livers.


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